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     A hitter has to consider all the different pitches - fastball, curve, slider, change, knuckle, swerve, fork ball, sinker, screwball, cutter, etc.  Each pitch can be thrown in a half dozen different ways (I.E. speeds, locations, release points, etc.).  A hitter steps up to the plate, his mind is racing.  All kinds of questions rush through his mind.  “Is he going to throw a fastball, change, curve, slider?”  “Hey, he’s throwing smoke out there today.”  “Last time I struck out.”  “I wonder if he’ll throw that-same pitch?”  If you are thinking like this while approaching the plate it can be very confusing. In-fact, it can lead to a slow bat or a mechanical problem.  A confused and undecided mind could mean failure. It takes a great deal of "proper" practice and studying the game of hitting, to be able to transfer a sound decision into a quick precise mechanical swing.  The kind of swing that is anticipated in advance that produces a hit or HOME RUN!  The kind of results that baffles the greatest Physicists that say hitting a baseball should be impossible.  The kind of .300 hitter swing that my Guess Hitting System (The Mind Game) produces at ANY level!